Lash L’Amour = Instant (Eye) Appeal

Interior of Lash L'Amour

Interior of Lash L’Amour

When I met Cynthia Tsang, owner of Lash L’Amour, I was curious about her lash spa, and a bit skeptical. I could not see how false lashes would be worth the time for application, the bi-weekly touch ups, be comfortable, look natural or fit my lifestyle, or work with my sensitive eyes. I stashed her card amongst the others I had built up in my wallet and waited before reaching out. I attended the opening party of her Newbury Street location, watched a friend get a half hour sample of lashes, and quizzed both my friend and the lash technician endlessly about every step of the process. But I saw an instant transformation- a brightness to my friend’s eyes that made me envious of her expertly applied false lashes.¬†I promptly reached out to Cynthia and set up an appointment.

Entering Lash L’Amour’s second floor, Newbury Street, location I was greeted not only by Cynthia, but also by a gorgeous spa atmosphere that welcomed relaxation. The waiting area is one that I could sit in to escape my everyday for hours and the lash room, lined with beds adorned with plush silver and purple linens, was ready to comfort me.

lash extension prep

Before Lash L’Amour extensions

Cynthia treated me to the lash experience herself and explained the process to me as she applied my lashes; she applied enough to make a noticeable difference, but not too many lashes that I looked overdone. She explained the training process to me and how she occasionally has to let a trainee go because she expects her lash technicians to be as expert in lash application as she is, ensuring every customer receives expert service.  Entering thinking this would be a one time thing, I left with another appointment to fill in any that had fallen out (lashes come out as your natural lashes do- in 2-4 weeks and not at the same time), and an addiction to lash extensions.

I looked amazing, my blue/green eyes popped in a way they only normally do with a heavy handed

A healthy dose of extensions from Lash L'Amour

A healthy dose of extensions from Lash L’Amour

application of make-up. A pony tail, BB Cream and sweats was all I needed to get noticed. My son’s preschool teacher commented on how great I looked, my husband asked how much make-up I applied, my mother offered to babysit so I could continue this indulgence. But most importantly, I felt beautiful, something I had not felt in quite a while without a quite a bit of effort.